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Tree surgery frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions from our customers.

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about tree care. If you have a question that isnt shown below please call us on 07725 583628

How much does tree surgery cost?

There are various factors which influence the cost of tree removal and pruning, including both the height of the tree and the variety. Some species are simply easier to handle than others, and this is reflected in the price. Depending on your circumstances, the cost of your project could range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

Why do I need to employ a tree surgeon?

Tree surgery is a skilled and sometimes dangerous occupation which requires extensive training and specialist machinery. Badly reduced trees can cause major problems in the future which may lead to additional expense and it is very easy to cause significant damage and injury without the proper training.

Employing an experienced tree surgery company ensures that your tree will be dealt with efficiently and safely giving you complete piece of mind.

Can trees damage my property?

Trees should be considered as real assets to your home, however, they can on occasion cause serious problems to your home, garden, raeby road and vehicles not to mention a neighbouring property. If you are concerned then contact us for professional advice.

Do mature trees need special care?

All trees need regular maintenance to ensure continued health and appearance whatever the age of the tree.

Preventing a future problem costs less than curing one once it has already developed. Regular tree inspections can prevent the severity of any future diseases occurring together with any insect and environmental issues.

When is the best time of year to take care of trees and hedges?

It is recommended that trees, hedges and shrubs are worked on during the late winter while they’re dormant. The reasons for caring for your trees throughout this period are that the wounds heal faster which keeps trees and hedges stronger. There is also less risk of disease or pest infestation. Plus its easier to see what you’re doing while the leaves are gone.


However, is not true for all species and we can give you a written report and recommendation for your specific trees and hedges.

What can I do if my neighbours trees are causing problems to my property?

You can exercise the common law right of abatement—your right to remove overhanging branches and roots to your boundary line as long as you don’t damage the tree. When exercising the right of abatement, take care to comply with any applicable tree or vegetation protection orders.

Do I need any form of permission to carry work out on my trees?

It is always wise to research into Tree Preservation Orders when planning any work to your trees. Searches can be made online or our team can undertake these for you.

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